Yellow Leaves Brown Bark

Yellow Leaves Brown Bark

Sorry, no photos from yesterday.

Although, I did think about it. I was out of it yesterday. I didn't feel so good in my heart and I had much time to think about that in the early mornings of today. It was at 1:14am this morning when I woke up and prayed, God bless our broken hearts. I stayed awake in thought and prayer; I slipped in and out of dreams. It was a dark and bright night as I learned much about what I am hoping for, and learning those things, it was difficult for my mind to comprehend. So I prayed.

So I wanted to post something a little more abstract and light hearted today. Something in composition I thought at the time would be beautiful. It's in moments like those when I'm behind the viewfinder of my cameras where I frame the shot and I look intentionally at what's beautiful in life at that time. I guess this is why I love taking portraits.

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