Byron and Lauren: Engaged

Byron and Lauren

I had the honor of taking their photos right after their engagement, shooting on the spot and holding a camera I'm unfamiliar with. It was a great afternoon, with sneaking, proposing and sneaking. {special thanks to Jacque, for letting me borrow her Canon 7D, a camera I'm currently saving for.}

Pholkraphy Excerpt 2

"Come forward a lil..." - Jason


I took shots in between them.


Katrina's Senior Photos


It was a fun morning, there was a slight overcast and some haze but that didn't prevent the light from shining right through.


It was a fun and quick shoot, we may do another session because of the time but in any case, I'm really happy with the way these turned out.


Did I mention fun? It was a fun and awkward shoot. Kat is somewhat uncomfortable in front of a camera so it was a learning experience for me to take photos of her.

Kat Kat

She's a good friend and I hope that these photos at least capture what I see.