Lining Ducks Up

Or should I say, ducks lining up? I haven't shot in film for about a year, and recently, I came to acquire a new (old) camera, a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, that's gotten me excited about film again. Since shooting with this camera, I've scanned 2 rolls of film, that I'm really excited about. I have over 16 rolls of 120mm film that need to be processed, scanned, and cataloged. So aside from my regular 8-10hr job, I will continue to work on the film I have at hand.

I almost forgot, I have over 20 rolls of 35mm film that has already been scanned but still needs to be cataloged. This is my life now.

Here's a few shots from a roll I scanned recently:

Scan10009 Scan10011 Scan10004 Scan10005

The last image of your's truly was taken by Michelle Corvino, I'm taking a photo of her with her 35mm Minolta SLR.