Warm Lights

Camping Alone

That was an scary and amazing night.

I just wrote about being blessed... and I am. Even in cold nights like this, I long for warm lights.

Up in the Clouds

Vantage Pointe 2

I can't wait to have another adventure.

His and Hers

His and Hers

This first photo was taken in Avila Beach

I recently went up north to get away from Orange County and just be. I went around and took photographs of places, things, dogs... people.

I find old couples endearing to a point of hope. Hope in that God would bring someone in my life to be able to love, be with, and share our lives together. At one point, I thought I knew what God wanted, but here I am... just not knowing at all.

His and Hers

This photo was taken in Pismo Beach

Now here I am, just praying that I'll be okay. I know I'll be.



Sometimes, I imagine the water enveloping my feet even when I'm not at the beach.