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January 2011 Wallpaper

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Jac and Jer

Jacque and Jeremy

Recently, one of my good friends got married. They are such an amazing couple. The wedding was fun, lighthearted, serious, and full of love and hope. Which felt so intuitive to me as I sat there and witness such a joyous event in the beauty of nature. I'm so blessed to have been able to see such a relationship progress and be united by God and His spirit that works within them. I love them both. ♥

This photo was taken a few months ago at their engagement party.

Joe Pug at the Satellite, Los Angeles CA


In blue and red lights, he appeared just wide eyed and somewhat weary. His energy was unmistakable. His voice, roughed out and rounded by life, he performed with a luster that lit up the room. Thanks for dropping by Los Angeles Joe.

IMG_0095 IMG_0101 IMG_0145 IMG_0068 IMG_0160 IMG_0154 IMG_0183

Take a listen:





A photo from Portland



Took a road trip to Portland Oregon a few weeks ago.


Holly Holly

Thanks Holly for helping me scout the location for the first Pholkraphy.

Pholkraphy Excerpt 3





Anne recently got accepted as an intern in a professional photographer's firm. See her stuff at http://annesophiaphotography.blogspot.com/. I'm really excited for this opportunity for her.

Byron and Lauren: Engaged

Byron and Lauren

I had the honor of taking their photos right after their engagement, shooting on the spot and holding a camera I'm unfamiliar with. It was a great afternoon, with sneaking, proposing and sneaking. {special thanks to Jacque, for letting me borrow her Canon 7D, a camera I'm currently saving for.}

Pholkraphy Excerpt 2

"Come forward a lil..." - Jason


I took shots in between them.


Katrina's Senior Photos


It was a fun morning, there was a slight overcast and some haze but that didn't prevent the light from shining right through.


It was a fun and quick shoot, we may do another session because of the time but in any case, I'm really happy with the way these turned out.


Did I mention fun? It was a fun and awkward shoot. Kat is somewhat uncomfortable in front of a camera so it was a learning experience for me to take photos of her.

Kat Kat

She's a good friend and I hope that these photos at least capture what I see.

Warm Lights

Camping Alone

That was an scary and amazing night.

I just wrote about being blessed... and I am. Even in cold nights like this, I long for warm lights.

Up in the Clouds

Vantage Pointe 2

I can't wait to have another adventure.

His and Hers

His and Hers

This first photo was taken in Avila Beach

I recently went up north to get away from Orange County and just be. I went around and took photographs of places, things, dogs... people.

I find old couples endearing to a point of hope. Hope in that God would bring someone in my life to be able to love, be with, and share our lives together. At one point, I thought I knew what God wanted, but here I am... just not knowing at all.

His and Hers

This photo was taken in Pismo Beach

Now here I am, just praying that I'll be okay. I know I'll be.



Sometimes, I imagine the water enveloping my feet even when I'm not at the beach.

I met Haylee McFarland

Random People

After walking out the coffee shop. Jared and I were somewhat dumbfounded because we saw another famous person. We walked passed her and close to the corner. I guess I was still elated as to my encounter with Danny Pudi, that I jumped at the opportunity to get a photo of her. I didn't want to "stalkishly" take her photo like the paparazzi. So I walked toward her and her mom.

I met Haylee McFarland and her mom. She looks really young, and I felt somewhat like a creepy person approaching them and saying, "hello." They looked at me with a startled gaze and I almost froze up. I realized so much at that second how I appreciated the way she portrayed her character in the T.V. show "Lie to Me" alongside Cal(Tim Roth), as his daughter Emily. I guess it was kinda creepy to approach a mother and daughter to ask if I could take a picture of her. Under the context of "famous," I guess it was somewhat more tolerable... understandable for a stranger to ask for permission to take a photo of her.

Not even a second after that gaze and a stream of nervousness, I asked her as a precaution, "Are you that little girl in that T.V. show... umm... 'Lie to Me'?" I didn't know her real name but I knew her character's name, but I just forgot at that moment because I realized that she is actually really cute in real life, not just in the show. She seemed down to earth and said, "Sure!" Then her mother offered to take the picture with me in it... I hessitantly said, "yes." (but didn't show it, tried to play it cool.) After briefly showing her mom how to use the camera, she gave it a try and took a shot. She said, "Oh, it came out blurry." I just replied, "ah yes, it's a tricky camera to use." Then I just asked if I could take a photo of her daughter alone. Hayley replied, "Sure, what do you want me to do?" I really didn't know what to say to that so I just replied, "Just stand right there." I smiled and she smiled right back, I took two shots, and thanked her.

Random People

It was definitely an awkward situation.

I shook her hand and introduced myself, and she introduced herself. Thanks again Hayley. :-)

I met Danny Pudi

Random People

I met Danny Pudi today, he is part of the main cast of Community, a T.V. comedy that revolves around a study group within a community college. He plays Abed, who, on the surface seems to be a person with an affinity for T.V. and Movies. Danny has such great comedic timing with this character that he's such a quotable character within the show. Actually, after evaluating who my favorite character would be... I'm realizing more and more that I really like Abed, followed by Troy, Britta, Pierce, Jeff, Shirley, and Anne. (Actually, this list gets refactored based on the episode, but Abed and Troy remain my favorite characters on the show.)

So I asked him if I could take a photo of him, actually, I've never really met a celebrity before him. Moreover, an actor who I actually appreciate in their art. My friends and I were at a coffee shop and he was there on his computer with his headphones on. After ordering our coffee and hanging out there for a few moments, I told my friends, "I'm going to ask if I could take his picture." They replied immediately, "Wait till we leave." I think that implied that they did not want to be embarassed by me, asking for a photo. Asking a stranger for a photo is quite an awkward situation in itself, but asking a celebrity is on a whole different level. My friends finished their coffee and left me. I thought to myself, as I was sipping on my cup, "why do I want to do this?" I realized immediately that I was just a guy who appreciated this man's work. I wanted to show my appreciation to him, but also ask him a few things...

I stood up, returned my finished cup on the bar counter, stood next to him. He was sitting intently, watching something on his laptop. After a few moments, I waved into his peripheral to catch his attention and said, "hi." He responded with a smile and shook my hand. It felt like an awkward situation to be in but also somewhat normal... as there seemed to me, to be no other alternative to get his attention. If he didn't want to respond and have a small conversation, he could have waved and ignored me. He didn't and I really appreciated his willingness to indulge my curiousity of him.

I immediately asked him if I could take a photo of him. He said, "Yeah, it's okay." I also mentioned that I had a few questions...

I asked him, "how does it feel to be on an amazing show?" Danny just smiled and enthusiastically replied, "It's great!" I asked him, "...about your character's development, Abed to me started off as a one dimentional character, through the past two seasons, he's been getting more depth. Did you talk to the screen writers about this?" He mentioned that it was the screenwriters that developed the character; "Having eight main characters to develop is tough when you have only so much time. With the introduction of Abed's father and some situations, they've (screen writers) definitely built up my character." Then I was curious about his comedic partner Troy, played by Donald Glover, "About Donald..." Danny: "Yes?" ..."you two have such great comedic timing... where does that come from, how does that happen?" He smiled and said, "It's the job." I laughed and I appreciated such a straight-forward answer. He's a professional that's courteous, and welcoming. I really appreciated the conversation we had. I stood up and gestured my arm into a hand shake and upon recieving the grasp of his palm, introduced myself, so did he. I think he thought I didn't know his name, I just didn't want to say "Abed" over "Danny." I didn't want to assume what to call him, because I didn't know him as a person all.

I lifted my camera and my friend Jared was there and he shook Danny's hand and said, "I'm a big fan of your work." Then Danny asked if I wanted to be in the picture, so Jared offered to take the picture.

That's the photo you see up there.

Then I asked Danny if I could take his photo alone. He said, "sure." So I did. I wish I was a little more calm to take that picture in that low light.

Random People

Thanks Danny for being a great guy and engaging in an awkward moment. I really wish this portrait came out better, it doesn't do him justice.



In Lancaster

My Bicycle


My Bicycle

From the Main Blog: Late Night Writing

Late Night Writing is a photo/literary work I published on my main blog. Here's a preview:

"The Water Runner"

Water Runner
He took off like the wind! A whiffle of his tail, the quickness of his limbs, boy oh boy! What a fast dog. He was a water runner, a fetcher, a go getter. Waves couldn't catch a hair off him. He ran with such freedom and the shoreline roared, "shooosh." I heard the waves say, "GO!" This quadruped was gifted, this dog had wings.


Submitted to Pictory

Featured on Pictorymag

I haven't been able to post any pictures from the past 4 days... mostly because I didn't feel like taking photos. It's been a difficult season in my life.

Anyway, in other news, I sent in a submission to Pictory, which is an online photo magazine curated and edited by Laura Brunow Miner. Right now, my submission is listed as an example on the "Platonic Love Stories," the picture features one of my dear friends Jacque, I just briefly talk about how our friendship is. I love the format of Pictory, in fact, I enjoyed it so much that much of my design decisions for this photoblog were based off of Pictory.

Maybe I should tell more stories with each pictures.

Sand, Sun, Water.


Yesterday, I spent some time at the beach to collect some thoughts and process through a few things. It was mild and peaceful; the weather was forgiving of my warmer settled soft body. A time in the word, a time in thought, a time in prayer in reverence to God. A time to create, or essentially try to capture and experience the vast beauty of this scene.

IMG_9647IMG_9648IMG_9649IMG_9650IMG_9651IMG_9652 IMG_9654

It was good time. I read through 2 Corinthians and was particularly encouraged by 1:4, in knowing that God comforts us in hope that we, in His love, would be able to do the same for our brothers. I am in hope that I don't lose sight of His glory in the things I am going through.


p.s. {I didn't even attempt to take pictures on Friday, there are some moments better left experienced than taken photos of.}