I met Haylee McFarland

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After walking out the coffee shop. Jared and I were somewhat dumbfounded because we saw another famous person. We walked passed her and close to the corner. I guess I was still elated as to my encounter with Danny Pudi, that I jumped at the opportunity to get a photo of her. I didn't want to "stalkishly" take her photo like the paparazzi. So I walked toward her and her mom.

I met Haylee McFarland and her mom. She looks really young, and I felt somewhat like a creepy person approaching them and saying, "hello." They looked at me with a startled gaze and I almost froze up. I realized so much at that second how I appreciated the way she portrayed her character in the T.V. show "Lie to Me" alongside Cal(Tim Roth), as his daughter Emily. I guess it was kinda creepy to approach a mother and daughter to ask if I could take a picture of her. Under the context of "famous," I guess it was somewhat more tolerable... understandable for a stranger to ask for permission to take a photo of her.

Not even a second after that gaze and a stream of nervousness, I asked her as a precaution, "Are you that little girl in that T.V. show... umm... 'Lie to Me'?" I didn't know her real name but I knew her character's name, but I just forgot at that moment because I realized that she is actually really cute in real life, not just in the show. She seemed down to earth and said, "Sure!" Then her mother offered to take the picture with me in it... I hessitantly said, "yes." (but didn't show it, tried to play it cool.) After briefly showing her mom how to use the camera, she gave it a try and took a shot. She said, "Oh, it came out blurry." I just replied, "ah yes, it's a tricky camera to use." Then I just asked if I could take a photo of her daughter alone. Hayley replied, "Sure, what do you want me to do?" I really didn't know what to say to that so I just replied, "Just stand right there." I smiled and she smiled right back, I took two shots, and thanked her.

Random People

It was definitely an awkward situation.

I shook her hand and introduced myself, and she introduced herself. Thanks again Hayley. :-)


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