Alvord Desert

July 4th weekend, got to spend some time with my bud Eric. It has definitely been quite a while since I've been able to get out into the wilderness, moreover the desert... in +100°F daytime weather, we were prepared to have a small ass camp fire (in the middle of the playa), but as it turns out, it didn't go below 64°F at night, so, it was quite pleasant and we didn't end up using my firepit.

I really want to get out more often the rest of this year... ironically, that's happening right now with all the wildfires. I'm working for a company that provides mapping facilities for CalFire and Federal Firefighting efforts. It is very much looking to be hot fire season.

If you have the luxury to be out there, please follow the fire restrictions and warnings of your state and local forrestry organizations.

Anyways, be safe out there.