In a Moving Transition

I've been taking a haitus on taking and processing photos lately. Its been a little tough from taking photos everyday to not taking any at all. For the past month, I've been in a moving transition and its been quite difficult to imagine taking photos right now. This time has been a good opportunity for growth in other areas and wrapping my mind around other projects. Anyway, in the meantime, here are a some random photos I've taken from the past few months.

IMG0007 IMG0004 IMG0005 IMG0003

In a month or so, I'll get back to it, I still need to get about eight rolls of 120mm, most of which are probably going to cost a pretty penny (C-41 Process). I have a few other images that still need to be uploaded and re-scanned. My scanner isn't doing the best job at scanning color film the moment... so I probably should work on a budget for that.

In anycase, that's it for now I guess... until I can move and get everything back together.