An Accident in the Neighborhood

This is another set of photos from the first roll I processed myself.

I was sitting at a coffee shop, my friends and I were telling stories when all of a sudden, a “THUMP.” The sound was startling, we all looked over. I stood up and saw a silver car with a dent in the hood. The driver's face was pale with disbelief and expressed such shock. Her eyes were wide with terror. I could only imagine what she was thinking, “did I just hit someone?!” She did.

I loaded my Mamiya RB67, took out my light meter and began taking pictures.


Shortly after the accident, the police, fire department, and an ambulance arrived. The kid laid there with his eyes closed, unconscious. They were trying to get his attention.


Then in a moment, his eyes opened... Sudden consciousness came upon him. “Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened? You were hit by a car...”

IMG0002 IMG0003

Less than twenty minutes before these photos were taken, this boy was darting through the alley way. A car was slowly passing though the street, safely, approaching the stoplight. The boy darted through the alley way and was hit by the car. He bounced off the hood like a ham on a tin roof.

Eventually he was okay.

Photos From the First Roll I Processed

This is the first post of two... The next ones are a better series.

IMG0004_1 IMG0006 IMG0005 IMG0007

In and Out Lunch; I think missed two frames... I need to go back and scan them.

New York and Washington DC

Here's a few photos from a recent trip to New York and Washington DC.

All photos were taken with my Yashica A using Kodak Ektar 100iso.

Plants New York Street Don't Walk Double Exposure

A double exposure of New York Firemen with John F. Kennedy's gravesite.

New York Street Berries The Clouds Against the Wall Jess

Of course, this would not have been possible without my fantastic friend, Jess!



This shot is from the first roll I ever developed myself at home.
Mamiya RB67
90mm f/3.8
Kodak TMax 100iso



Mamiya RB67
90mm f/3.5
Kodak TMax 120mm, 100iso

This is from my first roll on my Mamiya RB67. I was so excited to use it as soon as I got it.

“Ode to Fall ”

Ode to Fall

Yashica A
f/3.5 1/125s
Kodak TMax 100iso

When I took this photo, the leaves were somewhat disorienting. They were almost at a point of being brittle. The yellow leaves swayed gently in the wind, as though they knew of their eminent demise with the passing of the season; all the while the other leaves and branches framed main leaves just fine.

“The Light Falling on the Leaves”

Light Falling on Leaves

Yashica A
f/3.5 1/250s
Kodak TMax 100iso

Les Rorick Headshots in the Morning

Yesterday morning, did some headshots for a good friend Les Rorick.

Les Rorick Les Rorick

He's a great actor, he actually went from one facial expression to the next. It was a fun shoot because he was really easy to work with. Here's a quick animation of part of the shoot.

Don't stare at it for too long... its in a loop. :-)

Ghostly Bamboo

I've been inadvertently taking a series of photos on plants. These two bamboo plants were taken a few weeks apart in different locations; they both came out somewhat ghostly. The first image was taken in Costa Mesa CA...

Through the Bamboo

As much as I like portraiture, I've found myself taking many pictures of plants. I take their photos like I would someone's portrait. The process is the same. I look at my subject, see if the light is right; see if the subject would cooperate; observe the subject's movements, however, in this case the subject has no free will and is easily pursuaded by the wind.

When I see these images, it evokes a certain longing to be free. The irony for me is that these plants don't have a sense of freedom. They can't feel it, nor are they content in one form or another. I don't believe that plants think for themselves. Maybe it was the breeze and their movement, an illusion to their somewhat passive stance, they chose to be swayed by the wind.

Bamboo Leaves

This last image was taken in Fullerton CA.