Ghostly Bamboo

I've been inadvertently taking a series of photos on plants. These two bamboo plants were taken a few weeks apart in different locations; they both came out somewhat ghostly. The first image was taken in Costa Mesa CA...

Through the Bamboo

As much as I like portraiture, I've found myself taking many pictures of plants. I take their photos like I would someone's portrait. The process is the same. I look at my subject, see if the light is right; see if the subject would cooperate; observe the subject's movements, however, in this case the subject has no free will and is easily pursuaded by the wind.

When I see these images, it evokes a certain longing to be free. The irony for me is that these plants don't have a sense of freedom. They can't feel it, nor are they content in one form or another. I don't believe that plants think for themselves. Maybe it was the breeze and their movement, an illusion to their somewhat passive stance, they chose to be swayed by the wind.

Bamboo Leaves

This last image was taken in Fullerton CA.

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