Chanelle's Senior Photos

Earlier in May, I had the honor of taking another series of senior portraits for a good friend, Chanelle.

Chanelle Chanelle Chanelle Chanelle Chanelle Chanelle

These photos were taken in California State University Fullerton.

In a Moving Transition

I've been taking a haitus on taking and processing photos lately. Its been a little tough from taking photos everyday to not taking any at all. For the past month, I've been in a moving transition and its been quite difficult to imagine taking photos right now. This time has been a good opportunity for growth in other areas and wrapping my mind around other projects. Anyway, in the meantime, here are a some random photos I've taken from the past few months.

IMG0007 IMG0004 IMG0005 IMG0003

In a month or so, I'll get back to it, I still need to get about eight rolls of 120mm, most of which are probably going to cost a pretty penny (C-41 Process). I have a few other images that still need to be uploaded and re-scanned. My scanner isn't doing the best job at scanning color film the moment... so I probably should work on a budget for that.

In anycase, that's it for now I guess... until I can move and get everything back together.


Trip to Nashville

Last year I took a trip to Nashville Tennessee to see miss Laura Partain. I brought a few cameras with me and some film. But I realize that I didn't take as many pictures as I hoped.


American Airlines


A view from Above


The shaky landing... the interesting thing about landing was that it was late in the afternoon when the airplane I was in had come gliding above Tennessee, however, by the time I landed it was dark.


This is a view off Laura's street.


This is a vase in the garage turned patio that leads to the backyard. After a few days in Nashville, we embarked on a road trip to Knoxville TN and we met this nice lady at The Waffle House:


At Kean Coffee

Lately, I've been thinking about taking less photos and being more intentional about shooting film. I mean, film is relatively expensive and it takes time to aquire, use, process, and scan. I still carry about 2 cameras with me at all times, I just don't hold it up to my eye everyday.

The following photos were taken a month or two ago on a weekend. With the Mamiya RB67. I've been shooting Ilford FP4.


Kat and I at the coffee shop.


Strangers at the coffee shop. (Actually, they're married.)


Having a camera around is always going to be fun. I'm just going to be taking less photos for now. Things in my life are moving around and I need to catch up first.

Film Palettes

Food, I love food... I think everyone loves food. Its a means to its own end, it sustains and nourishes me. It can be pretty delicious, sometimes even so delectable that I'll crave certain foods every now and again. I've known a few friends who take this fondness for food to another level, becoming somewhat a connoisseur of sorts of a particular variety of beer, coffee, burger, or what have you. I tend to ask them the most about what would be an enjoyable place to eat those particular foods. After having a meal or a drink with them and figure out relatively, what their palette preference is, I begin to build my own.

I've started the same process with film. Lately I've been shooting Fuji and Ilford trying to develop a “taste”, a palette for my film preferences. I'm still getting to know these films, this is one of them:

Fuji 400H

From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used

I've heard some people describe Fuji 400H as being comparable to Kodak's Portra 400ISO. Portra is known for its pastel hues while maintaining saturation, bright highlights, clarity, grain, and ability to capture great detail. In this image, we see a structure being lit by a setting sun. It is brighter and has higher contrast values than what I would expect in Portra.

From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used

In shadows, Fuji's 400H has a decent amount of detail. I love how less saturated the mid-tones can be.

From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used From the first roll of Fuji 400H I've ever used

I think a few kids rolled these two snowballs up.

Portrait of Jason Slavin

A picture of Jason Slavin in Fullerton California.



Here are a few pictures of echeverias:

Echeveria Echeverias

An Accident in the Neighborhood

This is another set of photos from the first roll I processed myself.

I was sitting at a coffee shop, my friends and I were telling stories when all of a sudden, a “THUMP.” The sound was startling, we all looked over. I stood up and saw a silver car with a dent in the hood. The driver's face was pale with disbelief and expressed such shock. Her eyes were wide with terror. I could only imagine what she was thinking, “did I just hit someone?!” She did.

I loaded my Mamiya RB67, took out my light meter and began taking pictures.


Shortly after the accident, the police, fire department, and an ambulance arrived. The kid laid there with his eyes closed, unconscious. They were trying to get his attention.


Then in a moment, his eyes opened... Sudden consciousness came upon him. “Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened? You were hit by a car...”

IMG0002 IMG0003

Less than twenty minutes before these photos were taken, this boy was darting through the alley way. A car was slowly passing though the street, safely, approaching the stoplight. The boy darted through the alley way and was hit by the car. He bounced off the hood like a ham on a tin roof.

Eventually he was okay.

Photos From the First Roll I Processed

This is the first post of two... The next ones are a better series.

IMG0004_1 IMG0006 IMG0005 IMG0007

In and Out Lunch; I think missed two frames... I need to go back and scan them.

New York and Washington DC

Here's a few photos from a recent trip to New York and Washington DC.

All photos were taken with my Yashica A using Kodak Ektar 100iso.

Plants New York Street Don't Walk Double Exposure

A double exposure of New York Firemen with John F. Kennedy's gravesite.

New York Street Berries The Clouds Against the Wall Jess

Of course, this would not have been possible without my fantastic friend, Jess!



This shot is from the first roll I ever developed myself at home.
Mamiya RB67
90mm f/3.8
Kodak TMax 100iso



Mamiya RB67
90mm f/3.5
Kodak TMax 120mm, 100iso

This is from my first roll on my Mamiya RB67. I was so excited to use it as soon as I got it.

“Ode to Fall ”

Ode to Fall

Yashica A
f/3.5 1/125s
Kodak TMax 100iso

When I took this photo, the leaves were somewhat disorienting. They were almost at a point of being brittle. The yellow leaves swayed gently in the wind, as though they knew of their eminent demise with the passing of the season; all the while the other leaves and branches framed main leaves just fine.