Pholkraphy Exerpt 4

Another series of photos from last year's Pholkraphy. I'm really thinking about restarting this group.

Man dancing to the beat of a drum circle

Man dancing to the beat of a drum circle

 drum circle

part of the drum circle

Woman on scooter

Woman on scooter

Holly with a flower

Holly with a flower

IMG_9556 Street Performer getting everyone pumped

Street Performer getting everyone pumped

Street performer jumps over the crowd of volunteers...

Street performer jumps over the crowd of volunteers...

Street performer jumps over the crowd of volunteers successfully



Aaron Green

Aaron and I picking up some pizza for ministry.



Probably my favorite picture of her.



A photo of Jared way back in 2009 on the way to New Orleans

Anne at the First Pholkraphy

Anne Anne Anne Anne in Los Angeles

She's a photographer you should check out:

Street Performer & Magician

I used to shoot every week. I shot with my 35mm Canon AE1 for about a year, and before that, my prized Canonet G3 QL17... those are still my favorite camera to this day. When I see pictures that I had taken with them, I have this strange feeling of nostalgia. I remember that day when I focused on the shot and being excited for what's to come of it a week or so later.

These are a few photos from the time my family and I visited Hollywood and Universal Studios.


Street Performers...

Image0696 Hollywood and ...

The Magician...

The Magician

"Do you remember your card?..."


As I look back at these photos... I feel as though I can relate with this particular photo of the magician with my 35mm camera. I metered over and over again, I was on my toes, working from light and trying to become familiar with it. Remembering what ISO film I had in the camera, choosing my aperture and shutterspeed... then taking the shot. I felt like a magician with a light capturing magic hat. When I would get my film processed, it felt as though I was pulling a bunny out of my hat. Even I'm surprised at times. Capturing light is still magical to me.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica

A few photos snapped at Santa Monica in CA.

Santa Monica Santa Monica Santa Monica

The end.

Kathleen and Andy

Kathleen and Andy

Another photo of two of my favorite people in the world.

Their relationship has become such a testament to my life that love does prevail, and their relationship with me is one that I value so highly. They've been engaged and I am so excited for their growth together and what God has in store for them now and in the future. Lilbwear, Andybwear, I love you two! ♥

The Tree Near the Office


This is a tree near our office...

Which reminds me, I really need to finish the last three shots I have on my camera.

With my Cousin


On her rooftop in Hoboken New Jersey

NJ&NY 2011

A view from Hoboken New Jersey into New York


Some people swear by the places they live. Where they grew up, where they've spent their lives. I've been to many cities and experienced many different cultures here in America. To me, there seems to be a pattern in the way people interact with each other. That if the population density is thicker, people tend to be more welcoming or friendly (depending on the context of the area, but I'm speaking in more possible innaccurate generalities). This is what I loved about New York. The people.

A few months ago, I flew to NYC to see my cousin get married. I grew up with him and I was able to spend a decent amount of time with my cousins while I was there. The day after the wedding, Kristine, took me into the glorious city and it was a thrilling experience. I wasn't able to take many photos because of the snow and the constant worry that my camera is bound to break soon. These are some of the photos I took on that trip.

Speaking of which, it snowed in NY while I was there.


The snow was cold. I had this great idea of lining my shoes with a plastic bag to prevent water from seeping in... it eventually did but I was so enthralled to be in snowfall that I forgot that it was cold at times.


We rode the NYC subway system.

IMG_9576 IMG_9574

We went to a Moraccan restautant. It was great.


That was Bryan






We took the subway back then walked again through the snow. Wet shoes and pants.

IMG_9594 IMG_9596 IMG_9598

I had so much fun with my cousins. Thanks Bryan and Kristine for taking me out to see part of the city. Come to California!



Jessica, she's an adventure loving, piano (&banjo, & other various instrument) playing, tree-hugging, bicycle-riding, coffee-toting, one of a kind of friend. Basically, she's awesome.

This was taken somewhere in Washington USA.

Published on Pictory: February 9th, 2011

Last year, I submitted this piece to Pictory for consideration. Pictory is an online magazine curated by Laura Bruno Miner. Laura liked it and used it to close the showcase that month. The showcase was called "Platonic Love Stories." So here's the original scanned shot, barely edited:


Here's an excerpt from what had been published:

Though we only talk every now and again, I still consider her a close friend. We used to hang out and talk about life, love, God, photography, and silly things. I still pray for her often.

- Aaron Delani, I am a dream traveler in California.

In three weeks, it's Valentines Day once again. As I'm thinking about the people I love and the people who love me, I don't feel quite lonely about this coming Valentines. It may not be a romantic love, but these friendships have meant more than any romantic relationship I've been in. So, maybe this coming month, I'll be posting my favorite portraits of my closest friends. I may just call it the "Platonic Love Series." Or maybe not.

Do you have platonic love stories?


Jared in Downtown Lancaster

Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff Wedding

Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff's wedding

Last year, I saw one of my good friends get married. It was such a joyous occasion that I wasn't even able to snap many shots of it. Here are the shots I was actually able to take that magical day. I wasn't the official photographer or anything like that... Just an honored friend excited to see them get hitched! (Finally!) Here are the shots I was actually able to take that magical day.

Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff's wedding

The groom, Jeremy L. Pfaff of the Preacher's Sons, great man, great beard, great band.

Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff's wedding Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff's wedding

The bride, Jacque D. Pfaff, of life, great woman, beautiful bride... also, amazing photographer.

Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff's wedding Jacque and Jeremy Pfaff's wedding

One of the memorable things that happened that day was that the groom, the bestman (Brandon Pfaff, his brother), and the officiator (Their Dad), all had beautiful beards that day.

Woodwork in the first picture is by the talented and skilled Joey Arcadi, of Arcadi Construction.