Street Performer & Magician

I used to shoot every week. I shot with my 35mm Canon AE1 for about a year, and before that, my prized Canonet G3 QL17... those are still my favorite camera to this day. When I see pictures that I had taken with them, I have this strange feeling of nostalgia. I remember that day when I focused on the shot and being excited for what's to come of it a week or so later.

These are a few photos from the time my family and I visited Hollywood and Universal Studios.


Street Performers...

Image0696 Hollywood and ...

The Magician...

The Magician

"Do you remember your card?..."


As I look back at these photos... I feel as though I can relate with this particular photo of the magician with my 35mm camera. I metered over and over again, I was on my toes, working from light and trying to become familiar with it. Remembering what ISO film I had in the camera, choosing my aperture and shutterspeed... then taking the shot. I felt like a magician with a light capturing magic hat. When I would get my film processed, it felt as though I was pulling a bunny out of my hat. Even I'm surprised at times. Capturing light is still magical to me.

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