Sand, Sun, Water.


Yesterday, I spent some time at the beach to collect some thoughts and process through a few things. It was mild and peaceful; the weather was forgiving of my warmer settled soft body. A time in the word, a time in thought, a time in prayer in reverence to God. A time to create, or essentially try to capture and experience the vast beauty of this scene.

IMG_9647IMG_9648IMG_9649IMG_9650IMG_9651IMG_9652 IMG_9654

It was good time. I read through 2 Corinthians and was particularly encouraged by 1:4, in knowing that God comforts us in hope that we, in His love, would be able to do the same for our brothers. I am in hope that I don't lose sight of His glory in the things I am going through.


p.s. {I didn't even attempt to take pictures on Friday, there are some moments better left experienced than taken photos of.}

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