Grand Canyon

It's amazing how deep this canyon can be. I remember coming there and realizing that I am so small compared to this world. These photos were taken at the Grand Canyon in 2007.


I caught myself breath taken, seeing such beauty. I've seen that beauty before. Right now I find myself thinking of how I interact or relate to beauty. I think man1 longs for a relationship with something beautiful. To me God is beautiful. I've been in a relationship with Him and it's overwhelming, the love and grace I feel from such a person. I believe aesthetically, beauty provokes emotion, an object2 can be just beautiful. As an object isn't necessarily beautiful intrinsicly, but it's beautiful based on preference; however, that preference for beauty, I believe, is measured in relation to a more purer form of beauty.

This, my friends, to me... is beautiful.


I believe that a person is beautiful based on the depth of their character in relation to a purer form. As I've encountered such depth and such beauty in my life, I found myself blessed.

1 "Man", as mankind.
2 Object, as subject

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